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Consumer choice within the television platform is growing at a rapid pace. Today, Across Platforms processes program guide listings and distribution for over 550 cable and U.S. broadcast television networks for its clients.   In addition, according to Nielsen Media Research (Q3 2016) more viewers between 18 to 34 are watching TV through smartphones rather than traditional TVs (29 percent to 28 percent).  Furthermore, as the Smart TV adoption rate continues to climb programmers and advertisers will be following cable providers’ push into HTML5 content distribution and will be incorporating “two-way” functionality into their content strategies.

Our Approach

Since the founding of Across Platforms in 2010, using our proprietary database, we have been tracking the changing landscape of television content and channels. We share daily insights gleaned from our database with 35,000 subscribers to the Subchannel Report and our MVPD Metrics Report. Our focus on analyzing the television industry helps us unlock opportunities for our customers in the areas of content licensing, network distribution, custom research, and application development.

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Small Screens

By 2021 it is estimated that 78.75 percent of people in the United States will own at least one smartphone (according to Statista Market Analytics; 2010 to 2015). A growing number of these users will use their smartphones for second screen activities include shopping, looking up products, and downloading coupons related to a TV commercial. With mobile usage on the rise marketers must decide whether they need to build, buy, or license a mobile application that is also integrated with the TV platform.  

Our Approach

It has long been known that by including a toll free number in a commercial, or by adding a website URL, scores of interested consumers will pick up the phone or visit your home page. With the introduction of HTML5 apps through most cable and satellite companies advertisers can incorporate “call to action” buttons. With our history consulting in the home shopping industry, coupled with our software development skills, we can build (or help you select) the “TV shopping cart” app that meets your business requirements.



The average smartphone user has installed 88.7 apps (according Verto Analytics 2016) and they use about 25 apps a month.  Marketers looking for a software-centric partner who can build a TV application should select one that also understands the business behind TV.

Our Approach

We are uniquely positioned as both a technology company, and television industry research and distribution firm, to analyze a company’s positioning within the ecosystem of HTML5 television content. Isn’t it time that you capitalized on your TV marketing and distribution budgets by also moving these multitasking customers directly onto your e-commerce portal?