22 Spanish Networks Are On Full-Power Subchannels

There are approximately 22 networks carried on subchannels (not .1) broadcasting from full-power TV stations that have spanish programming. The New York, NY TV market alone has 5 networks broadcasting Spanish programming on subchannels including Univision, UniMas, Azteca America, Aliento Vision and Exitos TV.

Duplicated Households Included: In some instances a network is carried on two stations in a market. The households in the market are counted twice if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets. In most cases the network will appear on a cable system on just one channel position, however, households for a TV station are calculated by the total households contained in the market and not just a small section of the total market. In addition, households are counted multiple times for a TV station depending on how many networks are carried on that station.