TEGNA’s MVPD Providers Are Usual Suspects

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No surprise that Dish and DirecTV are distributing all of TEGNA’s TV stations.

MVPD – Multichannel Video Programming Distributor is not limited to, a cable operator, a multichannel multipoint distribution service, a direct broadcast satellite service, or a television receive-only satellite program distributor, who makes available for purchase, by subscribers or customers, multiple channels of video programming.

TEGNA Big Win For Justice Network In 2015

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Excerpt from TVNewsCheck September 17, 2015 – Tegna SVP of Programming Bob Sullivan says his group is seeing success with the Justice Network, a crime-fighting channel that launched on Tegna’s subchannels at the start of this year.

Geo-targeting content — i.e., alerting viewers when a crime-related story being featured in a show is based in their community — has been a boon to gaining audiences and advertisers, he said. “From a revenue standpoint, business has grown. “Having The Justice Network in the digital channel space, most of us would agree, has got to have something to do with it.”

TV Station Update- Last date the TV station, or channel data, was updated by Subchannel Report (owned by Across Platforms).

TEGNA’s Justice Network Roll Out Pushed It To Second Place For New Channels

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While TEGNA also rolled out other networks (besides Justice Network) these past twelve months, like Antenna TV, its support of Justice Network pushed it to second place for most channels added.

Channel Changes- Across Platforms tabulates new channel adds (both NOT.1 and .1 ) when the broadcast group or network announce a future launch. The actual launch may happen months after when we record the new channel add in the quarterly report. Logic being that actual technical launches can be delayed so announced launches are considered a better measurement. Some low power – with no cable channel launches may missing from reports due to no press release from the network.

Sinclair Broadcast Group Has Over 350 Broadcast Channels

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With only about one subchannel distributed on each of its TV stations Meredith Media General has plenty of dry powder to ramp up its distribution on cable companies and claim more cable channles simply by deploying more subchannel networks. The challenge for Meredith Media General is to find, and then support, networks that can actually increase total viewership in its markets so that ad sales can do its job. Note: For now the six stations that will be divested by Meredith Media General are still included in these calculations.

Total Channels- The total channels, (across markets, groups, or genre), that are broadcasting on .1 channels and/or subchannels.
Total Subchannels (Not .1)- The total channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s).