Sinclair Has the Most FOX Subchannel MVPD Subscribers

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  Satellite: Direct broadcast satellite (DBS) refers to satellite television (TV) systems in which the subscribers, or end users, receive signals directly from geostationary satellites.

 Cable: A cable system (defined by the FCC) in the United States is a facility serving a single community, or a distinct

Sinclair Has More Aggressive New Programming Strategy Than Nexstar

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While Nexstar reaches more overall households Sinclair has a more aggressive subchannel network deployment strategy. On average Sinclair deploys its top 30 subchannel networks to an average 4.8 million households compared to Nexstar’s 3.33 million households.

Subchannels (Not .1)- Channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s). On a case by case basis a subchannel may have MVPD subscribers as determined by TV Media listings data and Across Platforms’ research

Washington DC Has Sinclair’s Highest Home Value

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On December 21, 2015, WJLA Washington DC became the last of the four English-language local broadcast stations in the Washington, DC market to have its newscasts switched to a 16:9 letterbox format, with a revised graphics package optimized for the 16:9 format. Concurrently, its sister local cable news channel, NewsChannel 8, also switched to the same 16:9 letterbox format.

Median Home Value- Value is the respondent’s estimate, to the U.S. Census Bureau, of how much the property (house and lot) would sell for if it were for sale

Sinclair Increasing Its Commitment To Owning Networks

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Capping a busy period for Sinclair the purchase of The Tennis Channel (not in list report) solidifies the groups direction to expand nationwide by owning national programming networks like COMET, American Sports Network, and The Tennis Channel. Ripping a page from the rule book of the cable companies (who were also land-locked by market specific agreements) Sinclair has been planting the seeds to growing a portfolio of content that can expand beyond the broadcast industry’s distribution platform.

In addition Sinclair owns the regional news network in Washington DC, partnered with Sinclair’s WJLA, called NewsChannel 8. NewsChannel 8 reaches 1.2 million cable subscribers in the Washington DC market.

Duplicated Households for TV Stations– Households are counted multiple times for a TV station depending on how many networks are carried on that station.

Sinclair Has Most Households For A Commercial Broadcast Group

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Sinclair tops the list for commercial broadcast groups as having the most households in the United States. We are waiting for the dust to settle before we combine Nexstar and Media General so this Nexstar ranking does not include Media General.

Unduplicated households- The households in the market are counted once even if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets or the TV station has multiple channels broadcasting in a market.

Sinclair And Nexstar Each Air TMZ On 26 TV Stations

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The franchise TMZ currently is distributing three television shows through broadcast television. The three shows are:

TMZ – The first entertainment news magazine to cover Hollywood’s true celebrity gossip.

TMZ Live! – Taking viewers inside the TMZ Newsroom.

TMZ Sports-Exclusive stories about sports celebrities from around the world.

For the purpose of today’s Subchannel Report we will only be showing the distribution figures for TMZ.

Airing: One count of one unique show airing on a TV station or network. Can be counted multiple times for repeats and also airing on related subchannels. Airings can be counted for program genre as well as unique show names.

Sinclair Shoots COMET Out Of A Cannon

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In addition to Sinclair and Titan announcing their COMET affiliate launches both Nexstar, and Gray Television, have also added the new sci-fi network. All together these deployments have shot COMET to the top of the list making it the most added network these past 12 months (by affiliate counts).

Channel Changes – Across Platforms tabulates new channel adds (both NOT.1 and .1 ) when the broadcast group or network announce a future launch. The actual launch may happen months after when we record the new channel add in the quarterly report. Logic being that actual technical launches can be delayed so announced launches are considered a better measurement. Some low power – with no cable channel launches may missing from reports due to no press release from the network.