Titan Has Used Subchannels To Add Revenue To Group

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The Works was launched by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer on Titan Broadcast Management owned or operated TV stations in April 2014 making it available in 31% of the USA. Titan made room for the network by dropping Retro TV. The network was formally launched in January 2015 with 26 stations and 37% of the nation. Titan Broadcast Management is handling advertising sales for the network. (from Wikipedia)

Radar Chart: A chart that can compare, households, subchannel distribution, groups, MVPD or other metrics by comparing data values with a series of data markers relative to a center point. The reader can click through to the web page to select or deselect legend attributes to customize report or see data that might not be easily seen in the Subchannel Report newsletter.

WPTA-TV Fort Wayne Is Quincy’s Biggest The CW Subchannel

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From Wikipedia- On February 11, 2014, it was announced that Quincy Newspapers would acquire WPTA (and therefore WPTA-DT2) from Malara Broadcast Group as part of its purchase of several other Granite stations.

>Unduplicated Households- The households in the market are counted once even if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets or the TV station has multiple channels broadcasting in a market.

Sinclair Competes With Quincy Newspapers Mainly In Iowa

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Group Overlap- When two broadcast ownership groups are compared to determine the TV market overlap of one group or the other. All channels, and subchannels, are counted for total duplicated households since competition is measured across total channels. Typically for editorial reasons educational, religious, LPTV-no cable, and other groups may be hidden from results.