Roster of 192 MyNetworkTV Stations

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Fox Television Stations is running MyNetworkTV as a .1 channel on WWOR-TV 9 in New York City. In addition, FOX is airing MyNetworkTV as a subchannel in New York City on WNYW-TV 5.

Households- Determined by matching the FCC contour maps to the U.S. Census Data County maps and then tallied on market basis.

Gray Television Has 16 MyNetworkTV Subchannels

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Gray Television’s largest market for distributing MyNetworkTV is in Knoxville TN on WVLT-TV 8 CBS.

Duplicated Households For Markets- In some instances a network is carried on two stations in a market. The households in the market are counted twice if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets. In most cases the network will appear on a cable system on just one channel position, however, households for a TV station are calculated by the total households contained in the market and not just a small section of the total market. In addition, households are counted multiple times for a TV station depending on how many networks are carried on that station.

Gray Television Has 21 MyNetworkTV Subchannels

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KSFY Television is adding the popular MeTV network to its digital channel lineup, beginning September 1, 2015.
MeTV Sioux Falls will be available over the air for viewers on KSFY subchannel 13.3. The network will also be available for many cable subscribers. More details will be available in the coming weeks.
KSFY is already home to the ABC Television Network, which airs on 13.1. In 2012, KSFY added The CW network as its first digital subchannel, 13.2.

Nexstar Carries MyNetworkTV As Subchannel On Multiple Stations

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In addition to the 11 TV stations that broadcast MyNetworkTV as the primary (.1) network Nexstar also distributes the MNT network through 12 subchannels. In some cases the full power MNT subchannels are extending the coverage of the low powers and are in the same market that carries the network on the .1.

Duplicated Households for TV Stations- Households are counted multiple times for a TV station depending on how many networks are carried on that station.

MyNetworkTV Census Data Report

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TVNewsCheck – September 3, 2014 – It’s been awhile since MyNetworkTV generated much buzz. But the Fox network-turned-programming service has its affiliates and fans of post-apocalyptic mayhem talking as it heads into its ninth season.
On Wednesday, Oct. 1, MNT will begin airing the first four seasons — 67 episodes — of The Walking Dead, the AMC mega-hit. MNT has the exclusive broadcast off-net rights to the drama for at least one season. For the complete article…..