KCOP-TV Los Angeles Inserts TMZ Into Heroes & Icons Subchannel

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In Los Angeles FOX Television Stations also inserts the TMZ show within the Heroes & Icons subchannel. This sounds like a great strategy to bring viewers to the subchannel through TMZ’s appeal and perhaps they will stick around for Heoes & Icons programming.

Airing: One count of one unique show airing on a TV station or network. Can be counted multiple times for repeats and also airing on related subchannels. Airings can be counted for program genre as well as unique show names.

Los Angeles Ranked 7th In Home Value For CBS Television Stations

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LightReading November 24, 2015 — For $5.99 a month, CBS All Access will offer Amazon Fire TV users more than 7,500 episodes from the current season, previous seasons and classic shows on demand, as well as the ability to stream their local CBS Television station live in more than 110 markets across the U.S., reaching nearly 75 percent of the U.S., including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia, with more to be added soon. For rest of the article…

Median Home Value- Value is the respondent’s estimate, to the U.S. Census Bureau, of how much the property (house and lot) would sell for if it were for sale.

86 Unique Networks Carried On Los Angeles Full Power Stations

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Even though the full power stations in Los Angeles are airing 86 unique networks, or genres, overall there are 131 total broadcast channels on full power stations in the market.

Full Power Total Market Count – total amount of full power TV stations in the market. In most cases the PBS and religious station included in tabulations. Satellite TV stations, those that are exact mirrors of a primary station in the market (airing the same programming and advertising) are not included in the full power count.

Total TV Stations – total television stations contained within that measurement capture in the report.

FOX Television Stations Delivers Los Angeles And New York To Buzzr TV

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Freemantle is getting from FOX Television Stations the critical markets for the new network to offer to advertisers. However, the thinly distributed network needs to land a few more major distribution deals before it can really emerge as an advertiser friendly programming network.

Unduplicated Households- The households in the market are counted once even if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets or the TV station has multiple channels broadcasting in a market