ION Media Networks Cable Primarily On Metro Region MVPDs

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ION Media Networks resembles coverage like Tribune Media as both their strengths lie in the major markets. No surprise then that the cable and overbuilders with similar market profiles are ION Media Networks biggest subscriber buckets.

Subchannels (Not .1): Channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s). On a case by case basis a subchannel may have MVPD subscribers as determined by TV Media listings data and Across Platforms’ research.

ION Media Networks Broadcasts 280 Subchannels

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Sometime in 2013, Ion Media Networks inked a deal with Liberty Media to bring the QVC network to most of its Ion Television O&O stations throughout the country on digital subchannel X.5. (from Wikipedia)

Radar Chart: A chart that can compare, households, subchannel distribution, groups, MVPD or other metrics by comparing data values with a series of data markers relative to a center point. The reader can click through to the web page to select or deselect legend attributes to customize report or see data that might not be easily seen in the Subchannel Report newsletter.

Census Snapshot for ION Media Networks

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ION Media Networks broadcast footprint covers over one million square miles in the United States.

Census Overview- The 2010 Census represented the most massive participation movement ever witnessed in our country. Approximately 74 percent of the households returned their census forms by mail; the remaining households were counted by census workers walking neighborhoods throughout the United States.

ION Media Networks Does Not Significantly Overlap ABC Owned Stations

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ION broadcasts 299 channels from its television stations. The channels include ION, QVC, HSN, Infomercial channel, Quobo, and two Telemundo subchannels (may be duplicate feeds).

Group Overlap– When two broadcast ownership groups are compared to determine the TV market overlap of one group or the other. All channels, and subchannels, are counted for total duplicated households since competition is measured across total channels. Typically for editorial reasons educational, religious, LPTV-no cable, and other groups may be hidden from results.