Gray Television Airs Harry On 30 Broadcast Channels

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Harry’s average viewership is about 1.3 million for the first season. The show’s first season premiered with a 1.4 household rating in the metered markets and a 0.7 rating in the women 25-54 demographic. From Wikipedia.

Airing: One count of one unique show airing on a TV station or network. Can be counted multiple times for repeats and also airings on related subchannels. Airings can be counted for program genre as well as unique show names.

Gray Television Picks Up Five The CW Affiliates In 2015

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Besides Gray Television’s The CW acquisitions, and/or affiliate agreements, in 2015 we saw Prather’s Heartland Media pick up a The CW in Chico-Redding. In addition Raycom Media, which has been active through out the year across all network affiliates for acquisitions, we find the group picks up two The CW affiliates in Wichita Falls TX and Odessa-Midland TX.

Broadcast Management- Company that either owns the television station (all media types) or manages the TV station for another owner. Across Platforms also records ownership at the time of a purchase agreement or JSA/LMA agreement and not when the FCC approves of the transaction.

Gray Television Picks Up Three NBC Affiliates During Q3

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Third quarter 2015 seems to be a watershed period for the business of buying and selling television stations. Gray Television, across the affiliate spectrum, has been buying stations and picking up affiliate agreements through the year. However, Gray Television emerges the big buyer of NBC affiliates in third quarter with mid to small market properties located in Springfield MO, Augusta GA, and Anchorage AK.

Total TV Stations – total television stations contained within that measurement capture in the report.

Nexstar And Gray Television Markets Have Low Household Incomes

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Perhaps as a result of the smaller more rural markets Gray Television household financial metrics dip.

Median Home Value- Value is the respondent’s estimate, to the U.S. Census Bureau, of how much the property (house and lot) would sell for if it were for sale.

Median Household Income- Matching the broadcast groups households to the U.S. Census Data. This includes the income of the householder and all other individuals 15 years old and over in the household, whether they are related to the householder or not.