Nexstar Distributes GetTV On Three Million Cable Subs

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Separate from the network’s broadcast affiliation agreements, on December 17, 2015, Sony Pictures Television announced that Dish Network would begin carrying GetTV nationally on channel 373, available at minimum to subscribers of its “America’s Top 120” programming tier. As a result of the deal, in which the network was added as part of a renewed carriage agreement with Dish Network for sister networks Sony Movie Channel and Cine Sony Television, GetTV became the first digital multicast network to be carried by Dish, which (as with other satellite and IPTV providers) has typically refrained from seeking agreements to carry subchannels programmed by individual local television stations. From Wikipedia.

GetTV Is Carried By 48 Cable Systems

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GetTV provides programming 24 hours a day and broadcasts in 480i standard definition. The network competes with various other classic television/movie networks such as Movies!This TVMeTVAntenna TVCozi TVBounce TV and the Retro Television Network. From Wikipedia.

 .1 Channel: “. 1” is used to refer to the digital version of the station’s main signal.

 Subchannels (Not .1): Channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s). On a case by case basis a subchannel may have MVPD subscribers as determined by TV Media listings data and Across Platforms’ research.

GetTV Gets 10.4 Million Cable Subs From Charter And Comcast Combined

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getTV will “turn back time” to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the birth of the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, on August 28 with four one hour episodes of Cher’s 1970’s variety series–with and without Sonny–featuring guest appearances by Michael and his siblings. getTV will kick off its Michael Jackson birthday party at 9PM ET with a 1976 “THE SONNY AND CHER SHOW” episode with special guest stars The Jacksons-Michael and brothers Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Randy–and legendary comedian Bob Hope.



GetTV Has Over 30 Cable Channel Positions Across The Country

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GetTV’s largest subscriber system comes from WUVP-TV 65 Univision in Philadelphia delivering approx. 1,637,019 subscribers.

Extended basic service: limited basic includes local broadcast television stations as well as government channels while extended basic cable includes at least 50 additional channels like ESPN, MTV, and Fox News Channel. Across Platforms combines limited basic service, with extended basis service, for the extended basic service category. Across Platforms estimates, for the purposes of the newsletters that 100 percent of subscribers receive the extended basic service.

Nexstar Adds Many Media General Subchannels

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Before the merger GetTV snuck in at the wire with a Media General deal.  Now post merger Nexstar inherits distribution agreements (with GetTV, COZI TV, Laff, and others) and we’ll see if these networks can grow in the new combined entity.  In addition, ION Television has been expanding its over the air distribution through agreements with both Media General and Nexstar.

Duplicated Households for TV Stations- Households are counted multiple times for a TV station depending on how many networks are carried on that station.