Bounce TV Drops Fox Television Stations Beginning Of 2015

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In October 2014 Bounce TV switched its primary affiliation with FOX Television Stations to Univision for the top major markets. The decline in homes in 2015 for Bounce TV is really the completion of the switch over to its Univision partnership which were duplicate homes during the end of 2014 as the FOX Television Stations agreements ran out. Katz Broadcasting, (managing Bounce TV, Escape, and Laff) seems to be gobbling up all the household gains in the marketplace.

Affiliate Announced Date – the date that the TV station was announced as a current, or future, affiliate of the network. The announced date might not correlate with the actual date on the air. Announced date determined through trade magazines, press releases, Across Platforms’ research, and Rabbit Ears.

FierceCable: Diginets rise to challenge cable, as Wiegel’s MeTV reaches 94% U.S. clearance

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Premier publication in the cable industry.

Premier publication in the cable industry.

Written by Daniel Frankel

While media analysts and pay-TV executives have their sights set on over-the-top distribution and pending Title II regulation of the Internet, there is another looming threat looking to bite into cable, satellite and telco video market share.

Quote-According to Michael Kokernak, president of the multicast consultancy Across Platforms, 60 individual subchannels were launched on full power stations in the second quarter of 2014. That figure rose to 101 in the third quarter and climbed to 155 in the fourth.

For the complete article visit –Diginets rise to challenge cable, as Wiegel’s MeTV reaches 94% U.S. clearance.

Broadcasting and Cable: Diginets’ Future May Just Be Now

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Broadcasting & Cable

Excellent diginets overview.

More and more multicast networks are fighting for space on subchannels and cable—and in viewers’ hearts 

by Michael Malone

Quote: The diginets, once the baby of the television industry, are on their feet and walking. “Now there’s variety—comedy, game shows, dramas,” says Michael Kokernak, president of the multicast consultancy Across Platforms. “We finally see a range of content, and that’s what the industry needed to do.”

For the complete article visit Broadcasting and Cable’s website – Diginets’ Future May Just Be Now 

Grit Passes Bounce TV For Distribution On Raycom Homes

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Bounce TV has a huge head start in cable subscriber distribution over Grit. Time will tell whether or not Raycom has used its strength in retransmission consent talks to fuel Grit’s launch by adding in cable subs.

Unduplicated Households- The households in the market are counted once even if the network is broadcast on TV stations reaching different sections of large markets or the TV station has multiple channels broadcasting in a market.

Over 120 Markets Without Bounce TV

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Benton Foundation – 9/12/2014– Bounce TV says that the retransmission consent changes being considered in a Senate Commerce Committee satellite reauthorization bill will do “serious harm” to many affiliates that helped launch Bounce on their multicast channels. For more information.


Households– Determined by matching the FCC contour maps to the U.S. Census Data County maps and then tallied on market basis.