This TV Has Handful Of Groups With Full Power Stations

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Tribune’s Antenna TV has 139 affiliates compared to This TV’s 122 affiliates. Tribune has a 50 percent ownership stake in This TV.
LPTV-Cable: LPTV-Cable stations may have one or multiple channels carried by either the entire market’s cable system or at least one cable system or direct broadcast satellite. Across Platforms may at its option only report a particular channel on a LPTV as having cable and not the entire LPTV as having cable.

LPTV without cable: Only over the air households counted for stations without cable or DBS coverage.

New This TV Affiliates Slow To A Trickle

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This TV is a joint venture between Tribune Media and MGM (which provides the content). This TV has 122 affiliates which is far short in markets, but perhaps not in households, of it potential reach. The anemic growth of the network probably reveals that Tribune Media does not have the appetite to push the network beyond its core Tribune Media stations.

Channel added: date that the channel was added to the Across Platforms database.

Dog Tales E/I Show Inserted Into Subchannels As Well As Full Power Main Channels

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“Dog Tales” is a weekly half-hour television series all about dogs and the people who love them. “Dog Tales” features dogs of all sizes, shapes and breeds from across the United States.

Date Range: Program counts for a particular show genre, or daypart, during an identified date range. All counts are reported in the local time zone of the TV stations and/or networks.

Airing: One count of one unique show airing on a TV station or network. Can be counted multiple times for repeats and also airing on related subchannels. Airings can be counted for program genre as well as unique show names.

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