Top 25 Markets Without Paternity Court

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Stations acquired the show on an all-barter basis with 3½ minutes of local and 3½ minutes of national advertising time in every episode. By August 2013, the show was sold in 92% of the country. From Wikipedia.


Households: Determined by matching the FCC contour maps for full power TV stations to the U.S. Census Data County maps (including zip codes) and then grouped on a market bas

Paternity Test Airs On 53 Combined Tribune – Sinclair Stations

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Lauren Lake’s Paternity Court is a syndicated nontraditional court show/tabloid talk show hybrid, bringing family lawyer and legal analyst Lauren Lake as she hears and rules on paternity cases and renders DNA test results.

The show is produced by 79th & York Entertainment and the re-launched Orion Television, and is distributed by MGM Domestic Television Distribution. Paternity Court is executive produced by David Armour. From Wikipedia.

Airing: One count of one unique show airing on a TV station or network. Can be counted multiple times for repeats and also airings on related subchannels. Airings can be counted for program genre as well as unique show names

Richmond-Petersburg Market Has 20 Broadcast Channels

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The Greater Richmond Region, also known as Richmond-Petersburg, the Richmond metropolitan area or Central Virginia, is a region and metropolitan area in the U.S. state of Virginia, centered on Richmond.

Politics are a major topic for the Greater Richmond Region, considering main city Richmond is the capital of the Commonwealth of Virginia.

.1 Channel:
“. 1” is used to refer to the digital version of the station’s main signal.

Subchannels (Not .1): Channels that are not the primary channel of the TV station(s). On a case by case basis a subchannel may have MVPD subscribers as determined by TV Media listings data and Across Platforms’ research

Top 25 Broadcast Networks Missing From Richmond-Petersburg VA

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The Richmond MSA provides employment for a total of approximately 472,000 workers. In order of the number of workers, the major employment categories of the region are services; retail trade; manufacturing; state government; finance, insurance and real estate; local government; construction; wholesale trade; transportation and public utilities and federal government. Within the manufacturing category of some 63,700 employees, the largest category of workers is in the tobacco industry.

Richmond-Petersburg VA market is missing a lot of Spanish networks.

Over-the-air television(OTA): OTA homes calculated by subtracting MVPD subscribers from Across Platforms’ household estimates derived mapping Census county population data to television station’s coverage maps ME-TV lacks a home in Richmond-Petersburg VA. .

COMET Added 28 Affiliates Last 12 Months

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The network is offered on barter basis with the network with nine minutes of ad and the affiliate with five per hour with the ability to revenue share if MGM sells the local portion of the ads on behalf of the station.

Channel added: date that the channel was added to the Across Platforms database.