For programmers (like TV home shopping programs) we can mount a campaign to increase your viewers by targeting a region of the country or type of traditional distribution (TV stations, cable systems, DBS, and broadcast/cable networks). Our staff can also launch your service on many types of small and big screen television distribution platforms. We can locate your target audience, draft a contract template, handle technical logistics, secure promotional support, and then launch your network into millions of homes across the United States.

Application Development

From concept to delivery, we can build you a cable or satellite HTML5 application. Based on your input we can develop an application that can generate engagement, and sales, for your company. Application development assignments can begin with research, concept development, project plan, and milestones. Before proceeding we set up an approval process whereas the client retains full control over the budget, and deliverables, through out the project. We work on your timetable.


We work with you to develop a “proof of concept” in regards to your new business venture or product. Frequently we will reach out to tens of thousands of our industry contacts that might be useful in helping us get traction for your project. In addition, we bring a unique approach, as we know how TV applications are built and deployed. Consulting arrangements can be structured on a project, retainer, or hourly basis.

Content Licensing

With multiscreens, and channel capacity, proliferating there has been a sharp increase in demand for quality video content across the globe and in the skies. We work with domestic and international content owners, and multiplatform distributors, to strike licensing agreements for quality content. Our services include locating “high demand” content for distributors, managing intellectual property rights, and securing distribution for content libraries.



  • May include deposit against future services
  • Fixed rates per hour, week, or month
  • Client reimburses expenses
  • Primarily for Consulting and Content Licensing
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IncentiveMost Popular

  • Will include terms of incentive plan
  • Based on success
  • Client may agree to reimburse some expenses
  • Primarily for Distribution
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Fees & Incentive

  • May include deposit with incentive plan
  • Generally lower than incentive
  • Client agrees to reimburse some expenses
  • Application Development and Content Licensing
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