Grow Your Television Distribution

Across Platforms’ principals have over 25 years experience in launching new and established programmers on all forms of television distribution (broadcast,cable, network, and Internet). Some of the part time, and full time, distribution Across Platforms has secured on behalf of its programmer clients includes:

  • Broadcast group agreements
  • Cable system and telco channels
  • DirecTV & Dish Network
  • Full-power television stations
  • Low-power television stations
  • Networks – part time hours
  • Regional sports networks

Across Platforms’ TV Distribution Services

  • Arrange promotional schedule with media outlet
  • Draft and execute carriage agreements
  • Locate channel space using our Grid 168 tool
  • Manage payment collection and disbursements for media schedules
  • Monitor distribution channel performance on an ongoing basis
  • Set up broadcast streaming server, and/or satellite uplinking, to deliver content to one or more media outlets.

Get Research on Your Target Audience

Often times networks need to figure out what stations and cable systems contain their target audience. In addition, networks need to also make a strong case to marketers why they should spend money advertising on their channel.

Across Platforms, through its database, can provide the following data:

  • Advertiser profiles
  • Cable industry overview
  • Custom research tailored to your business plan
  • MVPD development and target reports
  • Pitch decks
  • TV broadcast group overview
  • TV market overview