Multicast Nets Extend Reach Into New Niches

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As the diginet concept continues to evolve, fresh players keep entering the marketplace.

Michael Kokernak, from Across Platforms, quotes from article:

“It’s the natural transition for the subchannels as they get more mature,” said Michael Kokernak, whose company, Across Platforms, tracks the industry. “The people looking to the next generation of digital television are starting to figure out ways to put original content or newer content on the platform that is going to appeal to a [broader] demo.”

“Stations can’t grow outside the DMAs they are in,” Kokernak said. “So the only way these large [station groups] can grow is to own these networks nationwide.”

Another major impediment is that diginets don’t get the same sort of carriage on the country’s two largest satellite providers, Dish and DirecTV, as they do on cable TV due to the platforms’ restricted bandwidth. That means the networks never make it to roughly 35 million of the country’s pay-TV homes. “That’s a third of the industry,” Kokernak said. “You can’t become a major network in the U.S. without Dish or DirecTV.”

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State of Slates Is Key Variable In Multicast Equation

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February 2, 2016:

Broadcasting & Cable

Excellent diginets overview.

Antenna TV and Bounce TV, two leaders in the multicast network space, are making big splashes early in 2016. Tribune Broadcasting’s Antenna TV, which shows classic TV series from the 1950s through the ’90s, began airing episodes of The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson on Jan. 1. Shown for the first time since the show went off the air in 1992, the Carson episodes have given the five-year-old multicast net immense exposure.

Kokernak quote:  “It’s all about programming,” says Michael Kokernak, president of the multicast consultancy Across Platforms. “There’s no reason why broadcast can’t move more viewership to digital subchannel networks.”
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TVNewsCheck: Narrowing Focus Marks Newest Diginets

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tv news
As the market for subchannel options matures, there’s a new wave of multicast networks with significant distribution, tightly focused brands and programming and, in some cases, a smattering of distinguishing original programming. This is Part Two of a four-part special report on multicasting running this week. Read the other stories here.

Michael Kokernak, president of Across Platforms, a Boston-based consultant who follows the multicast world, says success depends of the same principles that have guided broadcasting over the decades.

“Diginets need to be more focused on wisely investing their programming budgets on finding hits that will resonate with both viewers and advertisers.”

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FierceCable: Diginets rise to challenge cable, as Wiegel’s MeTV reaches 94% U.S. clearance

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Premier publication in the cable industry.

Premier publication in the cable industry.

Written by Daniel Frankel

While media analysts and pay-TV executives have their sights set on over-the-top distribution and pending Title II regulation of the Internet, there is another looming threat looking to bite into cable, satellite and telco video market share.

Quote-According to Michael Kokernak, president of the multicast consultancy Across Platforms, 60 individual subchannels were launched on full power stations in the second quarter of 2014. That figure rose to 101 in the third quarter and climbed to 155 in the fourth.

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ADWEEK: Why Leave It to Beaver Has Stations Seeing Green

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Top trade publication for the advertising world.

Top trade publication for the advertising world.

A new wave of channels is stealing a page from cable By Janet Stilson

Quote: – Currently, there are more than 200 diginets, which could grow to 300 in the next five years, according to Michael Kokernak, president of media consultancy Across Platforms. New entries this year include Katz Broadcasting’s comedy channel Laff, which debuts in April, and Buzzr from FremantleMedia North America and Debmar-Mercury, which will feature game shows and launch this summer.

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