Top 25 Extended Basic Networks Missing from Chicago

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All week, Chicago Ideas Week is partnering with Comcast-NBCUniversal to inspire conversations throughout the city with the installment of “Hello” Booths. Stationed in 20 locations in neighborhoods across the city, these booths allow individuals to connect face-to-face with others in the city about pressing topics of the day. Each booth is designed by an artist from that neighborhood, and each booth contains custom advanced video conferencing technology by Origin Technology. Press release from October 16, 2017 …

INSP Airing 120 Hours Of Family Dramas Over Next 7 Days

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INSP is home to millions of Americans who cherish and embrace positive entertainment. INSP features programs filled with inspiring stories that honor timeless, traditional values and celebrate the American spirit. INSP has gained the reputation of “lunge-free TV.” 

Viewers do not have to lunge for their remote controls to shield family members from objectionable subject matter when watching INSP. INSP has become one of the fastest-growing basic cable networks, available to 80 million U.S. households, 24 hours-a-day through more than 2,800 cable systems, telcos, and through DISH Network and DIRECTV. INSP is advertiser-supported and Nielsen-rated. From INSP website…


  Paid Program:  Direct response companies. Typically 30 minute format. Can be thirty, sixty, or various minutes in length. Type assigned by TV Media, Inc.

Top 10 Shows Airing on TBS Next 7 days

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 In 2003, WTBS dropped Little House on the Prairie and other dramatic programming as a part of its new focus on comedic programs, such as sitcomreruns, original reality television series, and theatrically released comedy films. As part of this focus, TBS adopted the slogan “veryfunny” and introduced a new logo in June 2004. The refocusing is intended as a direct contrast to sister channel TNT, which had focused on older movies initially but moved toward and now focuses on drama series and films. From Wikipedia.