Our Methodology

When approaching a new project we take both a qualitative and quantitative approach to our work. We believe that by reaching out on a one to one basis with industry constituents we can capture valuable insights that can increase our client’s chance of success. Then by applying what we have learned in these communications we can upload the findings into our proprietary database and develop a nationwide model.methodology

Qualitative Research

For example we’ll call industry opinion-makers in order to determine if a client’s programming, or channel, fills a void. In other cases we can supplement the data by also employing focus groups, in-depth interviews, and observation (to name a few).

Advertiser Database

Hundreds of TV advertisers, and hundreds of thousands of their U.S. locations, can be contacted during the planning of a new network. Across Platforms has assembled over one million TV advertiser locations (including banks, restaurants, car dealers, and more) that can be used for targeted direct mail campaigns or incorporated into a location-based HTML5 TV application.

Distribution Database

Tens of the thousands of contacts in broadcast TV, cable, and network television can provide feedback to a Comcast X1 application concept or affiliate acquisition efforts. Across Platforms, on a full time basis, updates our media contact data through telephone surveys and research.

TV Listings Database

Across Platforms is integrated with a television listings database for all United States markets.  We can customize and merge the database with estimated subscriber metrics, and Census metrics, to provide ongoing insights to television networks, and programmers, so they can compete effectively in the marketplace.

Across Platforms’ Tool Box

API Engine

Across Platforms has spent years building a back office that can transmit, and integrate, nearly 10,000 different web APIs into our fully licensed and owned television industry database.  Marketers and programmers can contract with us to develop API mashups based on virtually any topic, or a popular web API, with partial or full television listings data.

Interactive Reports

Web reports, using our proprietary data, can be tailored to a customer’s requirements. We can create on demand interactive web reports that support charts, pivot tables, summary, tabular reports, and dashboards that can be provided to clients during an engagement.


Custom-built software tool that allows us to enter in advertiser data gleaned from media outlet discussions. We can then, for example, build technology adoption and financial models that clients can use when analyzing the television sector. Grid168 is an acronym for the 168 hours found in a programming week which we use as the base metric when developing models.


Quantitative Research

We apply what we’ve learned to our proprietary database in order to determine its impact on our client’s business. We can measure an opportunity, or threat, by looking for projectable results that can be applied to a larger segment of the population.

Advertiser Data

Nearly one million advertiser locations all containing product classifications,telephone numbers
,address,and location data are stored in our database.For a complete list of advertisers in our database please contact us.In addition,we can add additional advertiser data upon client request.

Broadcast and Cable Data

Through a multi-step process of data collection projects we have been able to build a robust database of nearly 20,000 media personnel (with hundreds of data points). By conducting ongoing telephone surveys, coupled with research, we can hit the ground running on behalf of any marketer or programmer. Across Platforms on a regular basis emails information requests to thousands of active contacts in order to validate our database.

Census Data

Complete U.S. Census Data, including demographics and income levels, are stored and matched to other data sets based on specific zip codes. We have spent our careers developing and refining methods of mapping the television markets to the United States Census Report and to MVPD Providers (cable, telco, and satellite companies).

FCC Data

The FCC database includes cable system ID numbers, program lineups, and broadcast information downloaded into our database and then mapped to advertiser, census, broadcast, and cable records. On a continual basis Across Platforms analyzes any changes in broadcast to provide clients with an up to date snapshot of the media landscape.