LifehacksDRTV from Across Platforms, Inc. is a 100% cloud-based solution allowing stations to create new revenue streams, often within 24 hours, selling today’s most popular direct response products.


              New revenue for TV stations

  • No servers, no overhead costs
  • High payout short-form and long-form direct response
  • Lead-generation fees and percentage of product sales
  • Fees from sales made in a station’s zip codes on mobile,
    YouTube Live, OTT, the web (when tracked)
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) from Across Platforms, Inc.
    to TV station or station group

FCC-compliant programming through Launch Pad             
  • Launch Pad E/I block with stunning
    space-themed content from NASA and
    other space agencies (10 hours per week)
  • TV stations can add two shopping
    networks using Launch Pad’s excess
    FCC-approved Children’s Educational
    Television programming
  • Closed captioning, PSIP, CALM, other
    federal regulations
  • FCC-compliant reports exported from
    Across Platforms, Inc.

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Affiliates provided sales dashboards that are updated daily with the latest sales data and affiliate payments.


                  Easy Setup

Many TV stations can hook up LifehacksDRTV, including Launch Pad, in about 30 minutes using nothing more than an HDMI cable.