Over One Million Rows Of TV Listings Data Recently Reviewed for Subchannel Report and MVPD Metrics Report

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Across Platforms, Inc. just completed a review of our television listings data, supplied from TV Media, and we updated all our broadcast, cable, and satellite records. We had refrained from reporting on subscriber data the past few months while we completed this review.  

Subchannel Report Not Publishing Till January 4, 2016

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2016 - start imageWe are going to be taking the next few weeks off from publishing the Subchannel Report, MVPD Metrics Report, and Home Shopping Report. We are going to use these next few weeks wisely by increasing our software development efforts as we intend to roll out new data in the coming year. Even though we won’t be publishing behind the scenes we will be working through the holidays getting prepared for 2016.

Thank you for reading our newsletters during this past year

Generating reports for various program genres

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hand writing tv show on black chalkboard golden stars rating

hand writing tv show on black chalkboard golden stars rating

As you can see from the below paid programming reports we are now generating program genre reports for the majority of television stations. In some cases we are still in the process of capturing program data from a minority of TV stations, however, we will start reporting while collection is underway

Program genres now tracked by Subchannel Report

Political, News Magazine, News, Religious, Paid Program, Business, Sports, Telenovela

Note: We are missing the paid programming schedules for the following TEGNA stations: WCSH-TV 6, WLBZ-TV 2, WTLV-TV 12, KIDY-TV 6, KXVA-TV 15, WTSP-TV 10, WVEC-TV 13, WJXX-TV 25, and KTFT-LD 7. As data collection continues we will close this gap in reporting for TEGNA.

How we update our database

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Team of people behind the Subchannel Report and MVPD Metrics Report 

You can see from the below pie charts that we keep track of the actual dates we update TV stations and network channel adds.   In addition, we also update our records as we hear about new launches or TV station mergers (and acquisitions) from press stories and press releases.  We are meticulous in how we perform our updates. As a company we all review questionable entries to determine the best course of action.  Our database is constructed so as we update our database then over 2,000 reports (on our website) are updated automatically and we then manually adjust report titles when needed. 

For the past several months we have also been integrating the program listings of each TV station. This has been a massive project as there are over 40,000 cable lineups in the United States.  We are in the final stages of testing this data and in the future we will be folding in the TV listings data, and full cable channel listings, into our existing database. We are employing APIs and web technologies so the updating of our data is automated whenever possible. 

As many of you know Across Platforms also emails listings data to about 4,000 TV station employees as verification requests for the Subchannel Report. Many TV stations respond to this request on a regular basis. We find, when compared to the verification requests, that our data is very accurate.

We welcome when Subchannel Report subscribers email us to let us know our data needs to be updated. Our aim to provide the broadcast industry with actionable and accurate data.


How we report TV station ownership and management changes

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big fish eat small fish, boss pressure on employee concept design vector

One of the challenges Across Platforms faces each day is how to report data in a format that is easy to understand.  As we point out in the terminology (below each report) we interpret the industry data in such a way that enables us to present the information in a manner that is easy to follow. We do not format our data from a technical perspective. We recommend those looking for technical insight into TV stations visit Rabbit Ears.

For broadcast ownership changes we use the term “broadcast management” changes.  This term covers management agreements as well as ownership changes.  The term we use:

Broadcast Management– Company that either owns the television station (all media types) or manages the TV station for another owner. Across Platforms also records ownership at the time of a purchase agreement or JSA/LMA agreement and not when the FCC approves of the transaction.

In the event broadcast group mergers, or sales, change after they are announced we will modify our database within twenty-four hours if a merger or sale is modified. All our reports on our website will automatically be updated.


Program Schedules In Subchannel Report and MVPD Metrics Report

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Across Platforms Adds Program Guide Data to Newsletters

Across Platforms Adds Program Guide Data to Newsletters

Today we are pleased to begin sharing program schedules in Subchannel Report. Across Platforms has been working towards this capability for the past few years. Readers will be able to see Program Name, time slots, lead-ins, length, and numerous other data points related to television program schedules.

Across Platforms has also rolled out the program schedule data in the MVPD Metrics Report. As you can guess we also have program listings for all regional and national cable networks and MVPD providers.

Across Platforms will be rolling out more new features, in addition to the program guide data, during 4th quarter.