Tired Of Shopping Around?

Across Platforms has decades of experience in matching home shopping networks to broadcast television stations and networks. Whether or not you are a low power TV station, or a national network, Across Platforms can help you craft a home shopping affiliation agreement that can last for years.  Across Platforms also publishes a weekly newsletter to the industry entitled “Home Shopping Industry Report”.  We know domestic, as well as international, shopping networks that might be interested in obtaining a distribution agreement with your service.

Our Grid158 Advantage

In order to kick off the distribution agreement discussions we will develop a custom-tailored bid using our Grid158 software tool. Grid158 is an acronym for the 158 hours found in a programming week which we use as the base metric when developing models.
Step #1-
Grid158 allows us to first enter in media outlet distribution data, and available time periods, gleaned from our own database and in our discussions. We will store this information indefinitely for future bids.

Step #2-
Then Grid158 automatically appends the media outlet data with Census data, MVPD data, and data from other sources to develop a profile.

Step #3-
Using Grid158 we match the media outlet to one or more home shopping networks and generate financial worksheets and distribute them to the parties.

Home Shopping Affiliate Checklist

Key points to review for both the media outlet and the home shopping network:

Channel position –The better the channel placement on MVPD providers the better the sales for the shopper. Shopping nets should be placed in the same shopping channel neighborhood as QVC, HSN, Evine Live,  Jewelry TV,  and others.

HTML5 app –Home shopping networks, as people increasingly shopping online, may developing an HTML5 app that can be launched to your MVPD subscriber base.

Over the air distribution –Shopping networks may want to reach all the over the air homes in a television market.  This can increase the monthly guarantee. Across Platforms can provide the over the air home estimates for the Grid 158 bids.

Overnights – Unless your service has tens of millions of subscribers nearly all shoppers today are not that interested in buying the 3AM to 6AM overnights.  You might want to consider a revenue share agreement for overnight hours.

Program guide –Home shopping networks need to brand the cable channel with their network name or at very least list their show names in the program guide.

Standardized agreement –  Across Platforms can customized our standard broadcast, or cable, distribution agreement for your home shopping network or service.

Subscriber counts –All shopping networks calculate affiliate payment are based on a fixed per subscriber payment. Across Platforms, using its database, can supply subscriber estimates for all United States cable systems.

Transmission – Most networks can be delivered over a private network on the Internet or via satellite. Across Platforms will assist in the technical set up.

For more information on securing a home shopping affiliation agreement contact Across Platforms.