Proprietary Data Is the Core of Our Strategy

We believe that as television data increasingly merges with the Internet’s direct response measurements (including the “click”), this merger and the resulting data combinations will be critically important to all television industry participants. Since 2010 Across Platforms has concentrated on building technologies, and collecting data that fit within this paradigm. To date our six data buckets, include:


Across Platforms showcases its proprietary data, and web-centric strategy, through the distribution of MVPD Metrics Report and Subchannel Report.

Subchannel Report and MVPD Metrics Report Legal Notice

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How We Collect our Data, and Use it to Create our Unique Reports

Our sources include TV Media, FCC data, Wikipedia, Rabbit Ears, and US Census information. We also get some publicly available TV station ownership transaction data from Broadcasting and Cable, TVNewsCheck, and Radio and Television Business Report. We often perform telephone and email surveys to improve our data collection efforts.

For publicly traded corporations we also use reported sales, multi-video subscriber numbers, and other data culled from annual reports.

With almost 40,000 rows of data reviewed for counties and their multiple MVPD (multichannel video programming distributor) systems, our database uses Census data and equations to match counties and partial counties to estimate the number of MVPD households served. We compare our MVPD ownership data with the National Broadband database, information from the FCC, and the Copyright Office, among others. We also review hundreds of MVPD websites, and network websites, to independently match companies to areas served, match using TV Media lineup data, and also use FCC COALS data.

We offer our data as estimates. We recommend that visitors to the website and those who read our newsletter seeking more specific information should supplement our data with other published research. Also we license additional location data relating to to advertiser information. Occasionally, we will take a statistical sample and determine properly weighted location data (such as by county or TV market).

We try to make our Subchannel Report and MVPD Metrics Report as accurate as possible. We apologize for any errors or omissions. To make sure that your company’s data is listed correctly, please send us your press releases and corrections to Michael Kokernak, Direct: 617-390-7547, or to

We welcome and encourage networks, and broadcast groups, to send us their press releases and affiliate roster lists.