MVPD Companies
Rolling Out HTML5


Get Launched On HTML5 Apps
Like Comcast’s X1 platform

  • Comcast developed X1 Platform as a way to respond to the Over the Top (OTT) threat from competitors like and Hulu.
  • X1 Platform enables Comcast to roll out unlimited video content,coupled with next generation X1 TV applications, for a superior customer experience.
  • X1 applications in some ways are similar to mobile phone applications except X1 applications are behind the walled garden of Comcast’s Xfinity service. Viewers navigate to a library of applications which are displayed on an X1 page and engage based on their interests
  • For the first time programmers can secure distribution of its content with Comcast through a variety of channels and X1 application options.
  • Cablevision, AT& TU-verse,DirecTV, Cox Communications, Verizon FiOS, and Time Warner Cable (and others) are allconverting to HTML5 for video delivery and web-based consumer applications.

HTML5 Merges Web and Video Content


X1 Apps use HTML5, and other technologies, including third-party Cloud APls, that integrate your video and web content in order to create new interactive experiences for Comcast X1 subscribers

X1 Is Next Generation Television   



HTML5 Puts Viewers In Control

  • Your X1 App can be a portal
    into live, on-demand, web-based,
    and time-shifted viewing
  • Viewers can watch for free on TV
    or the Internet, by subscription, rental,
    or purchase based on your agreement
    with the cable companies

   X1 Platform Video Ecosystem

Making Money On HTML5 Platforms

  •      Anything you can build on the web you can build on X1
  •  Social media – Increase audience engagement
  •  Commercials – Real time video ad insertion including pre-roll
  •  Sell your audience-Engagement metrics across X1 apps and video
  •  Gaming – promotional tools for advertisers
  •   Subscription – charge by show, season, or periodic billing
  •  In app purchases-product and video sales from the X1 app
  •  Display ads – banners and interstitials
  •  Rewards – earn rewards (like coupons) for visiting offers
*Include all screens in your monetization strategy

Two Stages For Launching Your HTML5 Application

Stage 1-Securing Comcast X1 App Distribution Agreement

  • Research positioning of app for Comcast pitch deck
  • Concept development of X1 app
  • App prototype (storyboard the business requirements)
  • App developed in HTML5 and provisioned targeted for execution on
    an X1-RDK set top box
  • Load X1 app on a server accessible by an X1 set top box then add
    video content hosted on a Primetime server
  • Slide Deck – communicate your X1 application consumer appeal
  • Present to Comcast executives (or other MVPD provider)
  • Deployment agreement

X1 Remote Control App
Uses Voice Commands



Stage 2 – Market trial and nationwide deployment

  •  Perform technology audit to determine specific Adobe Primetime requirements
  •  Obtain Adobe Primetime license
  •  Configure Primetime to stream live and on-demand content
  •  Customize Primetime analytics
  •   Set up monetization tools and Comcast reporting
  •  Upload video, video pre-roll, and commercials
  •  Meet with additional cable companies licensing X1 platform
  •  Integrate X1 application with Adobe Primetime
  •  Training of network staff on Adobe Primetime
  •  Additional work depending upon complexity of Comcast agreement

With Adobe Primetime, Comcast supports online video playback including interactive TV on its Xfinity X1 Platform. Adobe Primetime also helps improve the performance of Xfinity’s TV go experience.

Across Platforms’ HTML5 Development Experience

  • Across Platforms has been designing and developing X1 applications for a collection of programming networks since January 2014
  • Across Platforms is a licensed developer on the RDK Platform (Reference Design Kit). RDK is a pre-integrated software bundle that provides a common framework for powering customer set top boxes that run the X1 platform in a scalable environment
  • Across Platforms develops customizable HTML5 and Java Script based content systems that are converted for use on the X1 platform
  • Across Platforms can integrate data APls for program listings data,to thousands of web APls, to create a unique experience for each
    individual cable subscriber