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We created across platforms in 2015 with the simple aim of being a website where creatives can easily share content with an audience who are ready to devour them. Since then, we have helped many people share their content with a broad audience in our community and increased their organic reach.

Our team is always working round the clock to ensure our members have constant access to valuable but fun content every day.

Across platforms provide the most compelling and relevant content to thousands of users every month. Our users can share articles, news updates, photos, videos, music, reviews, knowledge and ideas, and DIY tips. We also encourage experts to write on topics like travel and holidays, men and women’s health, fashion and lifestyle, health and fitness, recipes and food, sports and recreational activities, home and property, home remedies, money and finance, family and relationship, art and culture, science and technology, and parenting.

Join across platforms, and start posting great and useful quality content regularly, connect with other users and allow across platforms subtly propel you to the limelight. At the same time, you reap the gains of the electronic media all for free.

Engage with thousands of content enthusiasts and creators on across platforms and ingeniously post your stories.

Who Are we?

Across platforms is a content-sharing website where people can share posts on a diverse range of topics, including articles, photos, and videos. Our goal is to create a place where people can have fun and learn at the same time. We also want a place where people’s creative talents in photography, podcasting, content writing, and video creation will be discovered, enjoyed, and appreciated.


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