Top 10 Classic TV Networks Ranked By Total Households

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We are not showing the subscribers for PMCM TV’s New York City station WJLP-TV 33 for ME-TV. We are hoping when we do our next cable update with our data vendor that the WJLP subs will be associated to channel positions so we can report.

Households: Determined by matching the FCC contour maps for full power TV stations to the U.S. Census Data County maps (including zip codes) and then grouped on a market basis.

Dish Delivers For TVG2 Horse Racing

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In February 2015, HRTV was acquired by Betfair, owner of the competing TVG Network. HRTV was consolidated into TVG Network’s Los Angeles facilities, and re-branded as TVG2 on October 28, 2015. The move to TVG’s facilities also allowed the network to begin broadcasting in high definition

SD/HD Channels: In some cases depending upon the subscribers package the TV station or network will auto-tune to either the HD or SD feed.  In other instances the TV station and/or network will have two channels on the MVPD provider one for SD (noted as SD/HD) and one for HD.

Paid Programs Edge Out Drama For POP’s Most Aired Show Genre

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Pop’s program schedule featured over 400 hours of original content in 2016, including: SCHITT’S CREEK, the critically acclaimed comedy series starring Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara; NIGHTCAP, a satirical comedy about late night television produced by Lionsgate; WOLF CREEK, a horror-based psychological thriller television event; and SING IT ON, an acapella docu-series with executive producer John Legend.

Date Range:  Program counts for a particular show genre, or daypart, during an identified date range.  All counts are reported in the local time zone of the TV stations and/or networks.

Miami Has 89 Broadcast Channels

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Channel changes: Across Platforms tabulates new channel adds (both NOT.1 and .1 ) when the broadcast group or network announce a future launch. The actual launch may happen months after when we record the new channel add in the quarterly report. Logic being that actual technical launches can be delayed so announced launches are considered a better measurement. Some low power – with no cable channel launches may missing from reports due to no press release from the network.

Hispanic Population Makes Up Over 30 Percent Of Miami TV Market

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GREAT NEWS for the Hispanic Television market in Miami – Ft. Lauderdale DMA.

The 2017 Nielsen Universe Estimates for Language shows an impressive increase (+6%) among Spanish-Dominant Households.

Also, Hispanic Households grew more than Non-Hispanic Households vs. last year.

2016 443,900 Spanish Dominant HHLDS 57.6%

2017 488,120 Spanish Dominant HHLDS 61.1%

Hispanic Households: 2016 770,180 2017 798,890 (+3.7% Increase)

Non-Hispanic Households: 2016 889,840 2017 897,440 (+.9% Increase)

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Population: Estimates are made for the United States, states, counties, places, and metropolitan areas within the United States. The U.S. resident population includes all persons who usually reside in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, but excludes residents of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico and the Island areas under U.S. sovereignty or jurisdiction (principally American Samoa, Guam, United States Virgin Islands, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands).