Top 10 Classic TV Networks Ranked By Total Households

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We are not showing the subscribers for PMCM TV’s New York City station WJLP-TV 33 for ME-TV. We are hoping when we do our next cable update with our data vendor that the WJLP subs will be associated to channel positions so we can report.

Households: Determined by matching the FCC contour maps for full power TV stations to the U.S. Census Data County maps (including zip codes) and then grouped on a market basis.

Dish Delivers For TVG2 Horse Racing

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In February 2015, HRTV was acquired by Betfair, owner of the competing TVG Network. HRTV was consolidated into TVG Network’s Los Angeles facilities, and re-branded as TVG2 on October 28, 2015. The move to TVG’s facilities also allowed the network to begin broadcasting in high definition

SD/HD Channels: In some cases depending upon the subscribers package the TV station or network will auto-tune to either the HD or SD feed.  In other instances the TV station and/or network will have two channels on the MVPD provider one for SD (noted as SD/HD) and one for HD.

Network Broadcast Groups Don’t Carry The Jerry Springer Show

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But if you ask Springer himself, the secret to the show’s longevity is very simple.

“First, it’s stupid,” he told Today in an interview on Wednesday. From People Magazine …..

Airing: One count of one unique show airing on a TV station or network.  Can be counted multiple times for repeats and also airings on related subchannels.  Airings can be counted for program genre as well as unique show names.