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By 2017 Digital TV Research estimates that there will be almost 150 million connected TV sets in the United States. Across Platforms was founded on the belief that as the television and Internet continues to merge interactive opportunities would become abundant for marketers at this digital intersection.
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Small Screens

 Nearly 44 million people in the United States  are going to an Amazon site through their mobile phones on a monthly basis (according to comScore June 2015). As consumers increasingly use their phones to shop nearly all advertisers will incorporate a feedback loop using an HTML5 TV application integrated into their television commercials.

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With all key e-commerce metrics showing no signs of slowing down (with a recent 8.1 percent increase from $53.9 Billion sales Q3 2014 to $58.3 Billion sales Q3 2015 according to comScore) this behavior is poised to cascade into the TV through HTML5.

Our Approach

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