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Across platforms is a content hosting and content sharing community. In across platforms, buddies can share exciting news, stories, and other valuable information with their friends. Our website is for free content sharing and distribution.

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We’re committed to ensuring our site remains the best in content sharing. Our members are the bedrock of the site’s success.

Social Media Platforms You Might Want to check


Facebook’s Edge Rank algorithm determines what content from users and brands to push to the top of the news feed. 


Twitter has 145 million monetizable daily active users and it’s yet another obvious place where your content needs to be shared. 


While LinkedIn is a great place to share links to your latest posts, an untapped opportunity within the platform is the ability to publish articles.


Medium is an online publishing platform where you can share your writing and also browse a variety of content from other writers and publications.


YouTube is not just a video-sharing platform, it’s also a search engine. With 3 billion searches per month.


Instagram is the second most popular social network in the world in terms of active users, behind Facebook. 

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are communities of individuals who share a common interest. There are two types of Facebook groups that you need to be aware of.

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Across platforms provide the most compelling and relevant content to thousands of users every month. Our users can share articles, news updates, photos, videos, music, reviews, knowledge and ideas, and DIY tips. We also encourage experts to write on topics like travel and holidays, men and women’s health, fashion and lifestyle.

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